Links to Office Roadmap items


Hey @Brian Levenson. Do you know who manages the Roadmap page? I'd like to get links to some of the items to share with customers. Each item offers to share to a few social destinations and email. But a few that I come across are missing the reference to the Roadmap feature ID. 

It would also be good to have a generic "Copy Link" so I don't have to "Share via email" to get a link to the Roadmap feature ID. 

I posted this in the Change Alerts group because I saw an earlier post from you bringing our attention to the then updated Roadmap page


Any help you can give or redirection to the correct person would be great. 

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Hi Darrell,

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions! The web team is looking into various options around these scenarios, but we don't have confirmed plans yet.

Can you elaborate on the missing Feature IDs? Every item on the roadmap should have an ID, and I'd love examples of any that are missing.