Impact of moving from First Release (Entire Org) to First Release (Select Users)

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We have been First Release (entire org) since day 1.  We are now considering going to First Release (Select Users) - strictly based on Office 365 ProPlus installations.  We like the first release aspect of the cloud services, but the actual Microsoft Office updates not so much.


Once upon a time, there were talks about being able to see a list of the features that were actually in First Release.  Does that exist?


We would like to understand the true user impact (what our users would technically lose) if we did go to First Release (Select Users).  

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Ey @Brent Ellis I only saw this once in the presentation that  delivered in the first edition of Microsoft Ignite conference. I think the right guy here to answer about this topic is @Brian Levenson


Can't you just stay with FR for the entire org and manage Office C2R channel by Group Policy or ODT?

Considering that too.

Trying at this point to understand what actually installs, if it downgrades, if it still sits idol and waits for versioning to catch up.