Free 1-year trial offer for Microsoft Teams

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This popped up on MC and might catch a few customers out unless they review this new option that is on by default:


A free 1-year trial of Microsoft Teams will soon be available for any user of Office 365 or Azure Active Directory (AAD), even if the user is not yet licensed for the service. We are rolling out this trial, beginning June 1."


Users that don't have the appropriate licence that are currently blocked when accessing Microsoft Teams will now be offered a sign-up to this free trial: 




Certain criteria must be met to be offered this trial but admins can simply disable this option from appearing in the first place if required. This is relevant for commercial cloud customers, GOV and EDU tenants are not eligible for the trial.


Full instructions on this are here - Manage the IW trial offer for Microsoft Teams.

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It’s a rare thing for me to say but I really hope this approach is not a success for Microsoft. It’s indicated that future trials may take this approach. Admins may be put under pressure by business users to take part in a free trial and a year later see charges which they are tied into as the platform has production use at that point. Microsoft has no need for this kind of sales tactic. It’s products are widely deployed and there is nothing wrong with an explicit opt in trial or proof of concept approach which works well. Thanks Cian for highlighting here and elsewhere that this is coming soon.

Useful feedback John. I find this offering somewhat strange it doesn't really seem necessary but I assume Microsoft wouldn't be doing it unless it's going to be useful for some customers.  Maybe it will help as a stepping stone while adoption is at the early stages in some tenants.  I suppose the possible downside is it could promote unchecked use of Teams before everything is in-place like governance etc. At least it's configurable! 

@Cian Allner

Reading this doc you posted


It says:


Also, your tenant is NOT eligible for the trial if:

  • You are a Syndication Partner Customer

Since the "Syndication Partner" went away like a year ago, should that be changed to "CSP Customer" or "Cloud Solution Provider Customer"?


I could be totally wrong, but From what I understand, Microsoft ended the Syndication Partner Program a long time ago and made us all switch to the CSP Program. So, should that article be updated with the correct info, or, is that article correct , meaning, any old syndication partner customers? Ones that have not switched to CSP. I know they made us move all of our 60,000+ customers over to the CSP Program.


So, Just was wondering. If you can get clarification, that would be great.


Thank You

@John Wynne 


I have found out the hard way... Teams Free Trial was just that... a trial... Now I have no way to implement teams in my organization on an exchange online plan 1 subscription, and without notice, Microsoft yanked availability of teams from all my users. I had to upgrade to a different o365 plan for a single user just so my team can continue to use Teams for collaboration with customers. 

Per the microsoft page: If you already have an exchange online account, the free version of teams is unavailable to you... You can use an outside email to setup teams (So now the company doesn't have control of the Teams usage)