CSOM API for SPO Updated

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The CSOM API for SPO has been updated https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj193041.aspx?f=255&MSPPError=-2147217396


I saw a tweet from @Vesa Juvonen about this, @Brian Levenson it would be helfpul if this type of information was sent to the O365 Message Center also.


Expecting all of the tenant admins around the world to follow the various MS experts twitter feeds to learn about changes is not realistic.

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Hi Dean, 

I would not consider this to be tenant admin information in first place, since this is basically MSDN API reference documentation. We make updates on the SPFx and classic documentation almost on daily basis, so if we would start pushing these kind of developer oriented updates also for admins, we might overflow their message box.


In this case this is nothing more than we finally have latest properties and methods of the objects listed in the MSDN - actually without descriptions (due numerous reasons), so it's definitely relevant for developers.


Technically though some admins could be interested on this if they perform operations towards SPO using PowerShell, but that also applies on other areas. Personally don't mind that we would push these also out message center news, but our thinking from SP development messaging perspective is that social media and developer blogs would be sufficient for our audience. 


As a consultant/admin for many large organizations, it would be great if a new category of messages for API/Dev related information were included so that the information could be disseminated to the appropriate team members. As a tenant admin, I frequently work closely with devs and business users so it is imperative that I maintain awareness of ALL types of changes in the system.  Being aware of API changes can also help us resolve problems


I think I agree with both of you :)


This information isn't relevant for a majority of Office 365 admins, and for those who care, this is an important communication. Having the updates consolidated into a single location would make it much more efficient and also decrease the risk that information is overlooked.


I wonder if we can create a new "service" in the Message Center for developers, which would enable uninterested admins to opt-out of any messages tagged that way.


@Vesa Juvonen, you're probably not the only person sharing great insight and guidance, but I think I can learn a lot from your experience. I'll shoot you a mail to start a discussion.


Changes are Changes, we get fantasic change logs for many products/services, https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/powerbi-mobile-whats-new-in-the-mobile-apps/ is one example.


I can envision messages with rich metadata getting delivered to the O365 Message center and then routed to the various people in a tenants org by the Tenant admin. Tagging messages by Service, Audience, Platorm, Purpose etc would make it easy for us to filter, sort and disseminate.


Changes are Changes, the Azure team has a great change log at https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/updates/


If you could do something like that will the associated messages getting delivered to the the O365 Message center we could then route them the various people in a tenants org. Tagging messages by Service, Audience, Platorm, Purpose etc would make it easy for us to filter, sort and disseminate.


@Vesa Juvonen - Whether imporvements of CSOM is going reflect in JSOM immediately? Or will be there any seperate release for JSOM ?