Changes to co-authoring in Word Online

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We've just experienced a change in co-authoring behaviour in a few areas:


  1. The option to chat with co-authors from within Word Online has vanished.
  2. The location of other editors within the document used to be shown with a coloured cursor - now there is nothing.
  3. Clicking on a co-author's name would previously show you where the were in the document - this has stopped functioning despite the description saying that it would show the location.


Any ideas what's caused this?




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Hi Geoff,
I'm not aware of any changes in co-authoring features in Office Online, so they should work as expected. Can you open a support ticket to see if something is wrong in your tenant?

Thanks Juan Carlos.... we'll get a ticket raised.


Hi Geoff, 

I am experiencing the same issues, did you get any responce re the changes?

Hi Reza

It magically resolved itself without any further input, so hopefully yours will do the same!