Changes to App Launcher - coincedence that OneDrive and SharePoint Search are broken?


I see that the new app launcher is rolling out to us today. Coincedentally (?), we have a few issues with functionality, as follows:

  • Low – Site logos are not showing up in Following, only on the SharePoint Home Page lander
  • Medium – Recent is blank, nothing is retained right now from navigating around
  • High – Search is not functioning. It returns documents, but not Sites or People as it traditionally does. I am launching Sites from our Farm List, but other end users without that access can no longer search for Sites they have access to.
  • High - "Shared with me" is blank in OneDrive, even though I still have access to documents shared with me from somebody's OneDrive.

Anybody else seeing this behavior?

And are you seeing the new App Launcher as well, or are these errors independent of that change in your environment?


Following Monday's read only period (albeit brief), my team is taking a beating.

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