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Facing the issue while accessing following link of Microsoft training support. when clicked on "ask a new question", it ask to create a display name but when I entered the name and clicked on "Finish" it stuck there and does not proceed to the next page or anything. The reason I am trying to login to this portal is to create a conversation to ask Microsoft support person to merge my MCIDs so all my certifications should be linked to one MCID.


I have tried to create a post/discussion through one my colleagues ID but they wont provide me support through his post and asked me to create the post through my own ID.


Kindly advise if there is any other way to achieve the objective or the issue can be resolved for the portal.



Adnan Alam

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@Adnan81 Have you tried different web browsers or an incognito window? It may be a browser issue. 

Hi @JillArmour,

I have tried different browsers, different laptops, different networks. I even tried my laptop in Pakistan as well as my laptop in the USA office but nothing is working for me. I am always being routed to the create profile page and when I click finish, it doesn't divert me to the write question page. The weird part is, I am facing this issue on both of my IDs, i.e. email address removed for privacy reasons and email address removed for privacy reasons


Please advice me the alternate way for this because the ultimate goal is to merge my id and receive my pending certificates.


Looking forward to get this issue resolve sooner.




@Adnan81 ok, I don't know how to move forward on this as I am not support and I don't know anything about the issue you are having, but I will send you a PM and see if can figure something out together. 

@Jill_Armour_Microsoft This issue is resolved. I realized that my certification profile was not connected to my organization. I realized it when you asked for the tenant or mpsn id in the private chat. As soon as I connected my certification profile with my organization, it created my display name and I was able to ask the question. 

Moreover, my certification profiles are now merged and I am happy that you did a wonderful job in this regard.