how to be a Microsoft partner and resell Microsoft licenses

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Hi everyone I have many days watching websites that have Microsoft-authorized partners and sell Microsoft licenses like Windows and Office with competitive prices like these sites
and I want to know how to get the Microsoft partner authorization to sell Microsoft keys


also with this authorization, i can sell online and worldwide ,


how it can cost?
kind regards

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thank you jill for answering me but I'm new and I want to know more about this business model 

I have my LLC and I want to create my own website to help people get Microsoft products at good prices as this website do

but I want to ask what the key or license price from Microsoft if I am a reseller or partner ?

and can I sell the keys that I get worldwide ?

what do I need to be a reseller or partner for Microsft keys ?

@hazem60 I'm afraid this is not my area of expertise; your best bet is to read up on all the programs and decide what works best for your company. I think all the questions you are asking will depend on how big your company is and how much business you do.


Maybe these sites will help provide you with more information: 


Microsoft Partner Benefits and Offerings | Compare Offers

Partner Center documentation - Partner Center | Microsoft Learn


@Nick_Beacroft you seem to have some knowledge around licenses, do you have any resources or advice for this partner? Thank you either way! 


- jill

There is not much more I can add that Jill has not already provided.
Becoming the right type of partner is the key and understanding the requirements, obligations, and restrictions.

It is not as simple as becoming a partner and then being able to sell licenses or keys worldwide. You will likely need a business and partnership in each of the geographic regions you wish to sell.

For example, CSP partners are restricted to sell to geographic regions based on where their partner business is located and operating. E.g. a CSP partner in the US, cannot sell to customers in Europe. CSP may not be the best partner choice for your business model, but equally there will be terms and conditions with other partnership models that may not work.
You can always contact a local CSP/IT Distributor and ask them for support for making the right decisions on your business model and which license program you want/can join.