No more Graph API rights for new customers tenants with GDAP

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We use a powershell script with the Graph module to administer the users of our M365 clients who each have a dedicated tenant with a GDAP.
We use App authentication which has all the necessary rights.


For all existing tenants:



For new tenants:




Any idea?


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Is this what you're looking for Granular delegated admin privileges (GDAP) API overview - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Learn


Or, is this?  Work with Graph Explorer - Microsoft Graph | Microsoft Learn


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@sansbacher do you know anything about this by chance? :)

@Jill_Armour_Microsoft and @Arnaud_K,


You usually need AppPlusUser authentication to leverage Delegated rights for your customers. In your screenshot the new tenant appears to be missing the Scopes. Did you provision your AzureAD/Entra Enterprise App in your tenant? Did you add the Consent in the Customer's tenant (It'll be under their AAD, under Enterprise Applications, set Application Type = "All Applications" (or clear the filter) to view)


I don't know why it would work for existing but not new tenants (as DAP should have been removed a while ago). I would step through the process of creating your App and adding the Consents to the new Tenants and see if a step was missed.


There's a bunch of info/links in this post:


The bulk of the (current) info is Nick's post:


If you have deployed the App/Consents to the customers and now need to update he has a follow-up post on updating them:


The principles are the same for using the Graph API and the Graph PowerShell SDK. You should be able to connect to your Customers with Get-MgUser just fine using Refresh and Access Tokens.