D365 BC Is it multiplexing if users have BC Team Member license

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The multiplexing guide talks about people without licenses. This question is about if everyone is licensed in D365 BC - it is just some have Team Members and some have Essentials or Premium. 
If we have a custom table in D365 BC, and a user with a D365 BC Team Member license writes to that table, and then another user with a D365 BC Essentials or Premium license uses some automation to take that data and create records in another table in D365 BC is that multiplexing. 

Hope someone can provide some light.

Many thanks.

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Hi @Alex_Goss 


Please sign into Partner Center to find the D365 LG and search for Appendix D, which begins on page 51. This section should provide clear licensing guidance on custom tables.  You can also find info on multiplexing beginning on page 43.


If after reviewing the full LG you have further questions, please let me know. 


Here is a snapshot of Appendix D for your convenience:




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Thanks for your answer. On page 38 when it talks explicitly about "The Dynamics 365 Business Central Team Members license, not to be confused with Dynamics 365 Team Members license" it says  "Business Central Team Members application module may be customized with maximum 15 additional tables (custom tables or standard Dataverse tables) available to the Business Central Team Members license." . Are you saying that Appendix D applies to D365 Business Central as well as D365 Sales / Customer Service / etc?
Re the multiplexing on page 43, I have read that and the guidance does not consider my scenario where there are no unlicensed users only users with different types of licenses. Does this mean that multiplexing is not a concern in situations where everyone has at least a Dynamics 365 Business Central Team Members license?

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Hi @Alex_Goss 

Multiplexing is really about avoiding or circumventing the need to buy licenses.


In your case, one aspect is about technical limitations and use rights, whether the BC Team Member license provide sufficient rights to those users to update the custom table, which I believe is OK.


The second aspect is about the automation and triggering of flows, and whether that is multiplexing. This depends on what the full licensed (Essential / Premium) users are doing with the data first. If they are performing manual checks before triggering the flow themselves then this would IMO not be multiplexing.


This was an explanation provided to me by a Microsoft advisor.


When Data from a service is made available to User A, and User A makes this data available to a group of other Users (B). If B can still access the data when the service is shut down, it is not multiplexing, since there is no direct or indirect connection to the service.

Where User A provides information to User B, and User B validates before manually triggering a Power Automate flow, this is considered not multiplexing.


I have attached a multiplexing guide for reference.


Hope this helps.