Bring Back AI Builder Calculator

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This is my campaign to bring back the AI Builder Calculator.

Since Ignite, the AI Builder calculator at simply redirects to  I feel like this is a misstep.

AI Builder looks to be a huge part of Power Automate and Copilot Studio and not giving users a mostly user-friendly way to go about calculating the # of AI Builder credits they will use doesn't seem like the right business decision.  As of today, you'd have to know that the rate card is in the Power Platform licensing guide, know how many AI Builder credits you get in a bundle and do the math yourself.  The AI Builder calculator did that for you and was an integral part of Microsoft's websites for years.


Perhaps another reason this is nonsensical is that AI Builder has much more to do with Power Automate than it does Power Apps, so if you were going to redirect the site, why have it redirect to Power Apps.


Please resurrect the AI Builder calculator for the good of the community.



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Replying to myself but it looks like as of today they brought it back online! Hooray! Huge win.

Glad to hear it @blakecheek 

Never give up on your dreams! :)