Add-on SKU availability in GCC to achieve CMMC ML1 for M365 E3

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The SKU "Microsoft 365 E5 Security" is not available in GCC or GCC-High, but it does appear in the Commercial/CSP pricing catalog. With that in mind, there appears to be no way to implement all of the needed CMMC ML1 controls for M365 E3 subscriptions. My question is either - how can organizations achieve CMMC ML1 compliance with an M365 E3 SKU - OR - when will the "Microsoft 365 E5 Security" SKU be available for GCC or GCC High?

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I'm  moving this to the correct community for M365 products, which is Modern Work, but can be posted on the Business Applications/BizApps community.  I also corrected your labels :smile:


I do not have expertise in government in ANY capacity and I don't believe any of the new MPC community's address government. 


Let me do some digging and I'll follow up and/or point you in the right direction. 


Thank you for your patience. 



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