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I used to work for Microsoft in the BizTalk Server Customer Advisory Team (BizTalk CAT). I had a few blog entries on BizTalk Server, specifically for BizTalk Server v2004 to v2009, but I believe these blogs might still be relevant today, for BizTalk Server 2020. 


Some of my blogs are archived at:


I'd like to highlight a couple of blogs that could be beneficial. The first one, is for those who seek to leverage the parallel processing capability of BizTalk Server, and yet want to retain ordered delivery for business requirements, such as HIPAA, a healthcare standard.

The blog entry can be found here:


The second blog is for those who want to handle synchronous communication, asynchronously, leveraging a not-so-well documented feature of the BizTalk Server messaging engine. 

This blog entry can be found here:


Please note that some the links contained in these blog articles might be outdated.

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