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Hey Bing Insiders,

We’ll be starting a new blog post to recap what’s happening in Bing.


From our Bing Blog:


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Microsoft Bing: the search engine that gives back

Big things are happening with Give with Bing. Expanding to 7 new markets, including over 1.4 million organizations, and teaming up with celebs Janelle Monae and Jamal Adams to get the word out about this awesome way to raise money for charities you care about most.

Get caught up to speed on the US elections so you can cast an informed vote 

Still, deciding on the upcoming vote? Bing's here for you. We've created a dynamic space for you to dig into each candidate and issue on your upcoming ballot.


Esports livestreams, news, and more - all in one place

Powered by Bing Data, the MSN Esports Hub has everything you’re looking for about your favorite games. Keep up to date with Tournaments, emerging streamers, and Esports news. If you really want to be in the know you can even connect with our Esports Hub Developers on Discord.

Announcing the Microsoft Bing app on Xbox

More awesome news for the avid gamer! We released the Microsoft Bing app on Xbox this month. This means even more ways to earn Microsoft Rewards! Now you can search for hints right from your console when you’re stuck in your game. Pretty neat, huh?


Site Exporer.png
Site explorer: SEO-explore your site

From our Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools team, we bring you the new and improved SEO Explorer! Here you can easily check out the SEO status and health of your URLs. This tool will be pivotal for webmasters to be able to debug sites and cater to their viewers.

Microsoft Clarity is now Generally Available

Curious to know which parts of your website is most used? Microsoft Clarity can help you understand several key aspects of your website and user experience using Heat Maps, Session Playbacks, and the Insight Dashboard.


Intellengent Question-Answering Feature.png

Bing Releases Intelligent Question-Answering Feature to 100+ Languages

Inclusivity and accessibility is the name of our game! We’ve taken an exciting step to successfully scale the Bing intelligent question-answering feature to over 100 languages and 200 regions in the world. This is just the first step of many. Check out the article to see how we did it.

Bing Search APIs are Transitioning

Online services are expanding and changing every day. Bing Search APIs are too! This article goes over the transition and what you can expect. 


From our Twitter:

• 60% of Bing users who participated in our poll redeem their Microsoft Rewards for Gift Cards.
X-Code improving Microsoft Bing Search! Here’s how.
• Even Frankie loves us!
Frankie Muniz Loves Us.png
Ca-Ching! That’s the sounds of sweeeeet rebates!
• New logo, who dis?

New Logo.png


Have a good week y'all!


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