What are your Goals?


As an OKR Champion, you should hopefully be following the great advice that you are offering to others and not just pushing what you don’t follow yourself. So, given that, what are your own OKRs that can inspire others and how are you tracking them?

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I’ll start with my own internal OKR:

Objective: grow our internal workplace community initiative
Key results:
- post to the Team or Viva Engage community at least twice per week
- attend 80% of workplace community bi-weekly sessions
- attend 80% of workplace community leadership meetings
- present at least once per quarter at the bi-weekly community meetings

At the moment, I track these in a spreadsheet but looking for ways to automate this with Graph into Power BI as I have done with my meeting attendance by category to track time spent on business development vs client work vs other initiatives (another OKR to achieve the right balance of work)
Great post @kevin, and being a role model for walking the OKR walk. At Microsoft, we broadly capture priorities as part of our periodic "Connects" with our manager at Microsoft. In other teams, we've explicitly translated our Team OKRs into our individual OKRs.

I'm working on my priorities and individual OKRs currently; now I'm inspired to track my personal OKRs in Viva Goals as well. :) As a data viz person, I like to leverage the chart feature in Viva Goals and have personally given a lot of feedback on the feature.