WVD VM Hosts crashing for unknown reason

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Hi, We have multiple clients that are using the new ARM deployed Hostpools(2 VMs per) thru Azure portal using the newest 2004 Win10 Multi- O365 pro. In each of our clients we have now seen one host crash with a blue screen (See attached). The problem is these hosts are built from the same Golden image and there has been no configuration differences between them yet one blue screens and the other doesn't. Has anybody else been seeing this strange behavior. Also when this happens the VM gets stuck in a reboot cycle that it never recovers from.


Your PC ran onto a problem and needs to restart.


WVD VM Crash.jpg 

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Yes. I've seen this problem, a lot.


We're managing a WVD pool of 12 servers. We get this issue at least once a week. Sometimes two servers go out at the same time.


We've raised cases with Microsoft support but it has gotten nowhere.


Our only recourse so far as been to rebuild the machines. It's very tedious.




A question just occurred to me - are you using FSLogix for your build? We are.


Seems to be a bug. Would be interesting to know if the issue occurs on 1909

Just located this article. Not exactly related to your issue but there have been a number of issues related to the latest 2004 update which Microsoft have resolved or are investigating.




Not quite the same bug. Thiers has their WVD inaccessible but Windows operational. This one the virtual server is BSoD and completely unusable.