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Hello Everyone,


I am looking for any tips that will allow me to install and use Teams and Skype for Business on Azure Windows Virtual Desktop? Is this available?


Currently after installation apps do not see microphone or camera - web browser is not asking me about permissions for microphone and camera.




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I got his sorted - it is a policy on the Teams.

@mrktos Hi - did you experience any issues using Teams conferencing/calling in this virtualised environment?

Hey @wtms,


It is working perfect. I am amazed of the sound quality. There is practiclly no delay in the conversation.

On the tenent level you will have to run the following commands to redirect the voice and possibly camera if you want to the end user host:


1. Connect to the VDI:

Add-RdsAccount -DeploymentUrl ""

2. Set the options on your Host Pool:

Set-RdsHostPool -TenantName <tenantname> -Name <hostpoolname> -CustomRdpProperty $properties

For the properties please use the following:




Here are the links to the documentation:





Could you please let me know where did you find this policy? - I am using teams on windows virtual desktop session host and Teams was installed using the standalone installer.
Look it up my latest response just above yours.

do we need to install teams individually for every user, as i installed teams on my session-host but when my other user logs in into his/her desktop , teams is not visible. I am using WVD environment and i have one session host in my environment@mrktos 

You can install the whole package for all users.

@mrktos How did you install this package? Can this be installed on the image and deploy to the hostpools?

Does this solution works also for Skype for Business and not only Teams? @mrktos 

Hello - I have set the redirect properties using PowerShell. The redirect works great when using the RDP thick app, but doesn't work using a web browser. Is this also your experience? If you got it to work in a web browser, what steps did you take?