Windows Virtual Desktop step by step deployment in Spring 2020 release

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Where can I find the most clear and concise step by step instructions for setting up a WVD environment? This needs start with standing up AADDS or AD on a VM all the way thru building the Host Pool and Session Hosts. Every KB article seems to be piecemeal and or incomplete.





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I put together a couple videos that may be helpful.  the first one is on deploying Azure AD DS. 

The other one is a walk through on Spring Update.


Hopefully this information helps.



@Travis Roberts awesome! I will check these out today.

@Travis Roberts I've seen several of your videos before. They are some of the easiest to follow for an Azure newbie and a non-systems engineer.


I watched the the ones you suggested and a couple more. For this novice there is still a disconnect between the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 versions with overlapping and non overlapping tasks. Creating the AADDS seems to be the same although the Azure portal is updated. Your 2020 process for creating Host Pools, Application Groups, Workspaces and Session Hosts is different than what I originally performed. I simply used the create Host Pool button and entered everything in one pass. Is that not correct? I also ended up with a domino join error every time. 

Is there a new process for creating/adding storage for files shares and FSLogix containers or is that still the same? 


Thanks for your assistance!