Windows 10 virtual machine in Azure (non MSDN)

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I'm going to throw this post here for want of a better place, but it kind of crosses Azure, MSDN and Microsoft Action Pack benefits.


I'm frustrated about the process I need to take to create a Windows 10 virtual machine in Azure. I'm a Microsoft Partner with an Action Pack subscription but not an MSDN sub (we're not developers). The only Win 10 image in the Azure gallery requires an MSDN subscription.


Action Pack entitles me to $100 a month of Azure credit and I can also download and license Windows 10 Enterprise. But to create a Win 10 VM in Azure, I have to download the iso, build the VHDs and then suck them up to Azure.


Is there any chance that Microsoft would consider a Win10 Azure gallery image for Action Pack subscribers? I don't really want to have to purchase a MSDN sub as well for a short term testing use case, especially when I'm licensed to run it on-prem but just not as easily in the Cloud.



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Yes, it's very frustrating to not be able to create a Windows 10 VM on Azure (non MSDN)


I have a few clients who need to have windows 10 VM on PaaS without MSDN subscription.




For clients I think it gets a little more murky as the licensing hasn't been fully integrated.


But for partners wanting to run and test Office 365 ProPlus deployment, Windows Intune etc, it would be great to have access to run up test Windows clients in the Cloud, like our MSDN dev friends can.