Windows 10 Desktop Virtualization on Azure

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I have been tasked to solution windows 10 based desktop VDI on Azure that integrates with Azure ADDS & Azure AD identities. I know the process and have implement VDI on onprem using Remote Desktop Services.


I don't know how this can be done on Azure given that I can create RDS on Azure but how would I run Windows 10 VDI on top of RDS H servers. How would the virtual network be all resources in single subnet or multiple subnet?


I have checked CitrixXen App Desktop essential however they offer 25 as minimum, our requirement is about 6 - 7 pc.


I can launch a single Windows 10 VM using Azure VM however that's not needed.


I would appreciate anyone of you can point me to right direct.

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, just wondering if anyone has come across a similar requirement and what they did to achieve it?