Will pausing and resuming ever be supported for Test Plans?

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Hey Everyone,


My first post here. I dont think I have been upset by any of the many mistakes made my Microsoft in the past, but the functionality in the "Test Plans" tool is so close to being great, but ends up falling incredibly short. This is also a tool that costs extra to use....


So if you intend to use Test Plans for manual test, which our company does, when you exit a test run early or maybe accidentally close the window, the test run shows up as "In progress", but there is no possible way of continuing that test run. This makes zero sense at all. Also, if you did decide to NOT add this functionality that is clearly required, you could at least allow people to remove these test runs via the GUI (currently can only be done via REST API).  There is also not any good ways to export the test run data in a useful way. 


So my question here is.... will this functionality ever make sense and function like any normal user might expect? Or should I stop using this tool?

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