Why does Ar-enabled server in Update management marked as Non-Azure


Hi team,


I met one inconvenient problem while using Azure automation update management solution for my Arc enabled servers.

Well after I deployed the On-prem servers to Azure, add some special tags for them, which suppose to be easy to manage the update groups in update management schedule.

But in the update blade at AA, I found the Arc servers's type is Non-Azure, which caused I can't filter the target update group with Tags(which only support for Azure VMs).



I think it's inconvenient to create another Computer Group for them or add them manually, even it's suggested in this doc:https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/cloud-adoption-framework/manage/hybrid/server/best-practices/....


So I want to know if you ahve any plan to release this feature that add Arc-enabled servers as Azure VM or enable to filter the Arc VMs at schedule blade?

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