Why can't I run Kafka on an Azure virtual machine using port 80

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I would like to connect to Kafka using port 80 on my Azure virtual machine. I installed Java and Kafka on the virtual machine. I added inbound port rule for port 80.


I added port=80 to Kafka’s config/server.properties file. I ran zookeeper succesfully.


When I try to connect to kafka I get this error:

ERROR [KafkaServer id=0] Fatal error during KafkaServer startup. Prepare to shutdown (kafka.server.KafkaServer)

org.apache.kafka.common.KafkaException: Socket server failed to bind to Permission denied



I can connect to kafka using other ports, I tried 9092, 8000, 8080, 4430


But I can’t connect to it using port 80 or 443. The problem is I want to access Kafka using port 80 or 443 because I want to produce messages using a web server which is only allowed to use port 80 or 443.


Why can’t I connect to kafka using port 80 on an Azure virtual machine?

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Are you running an Azure Web App ?