why azure vmss with LB require public ip address

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I am trying to create vmss with load balancer but I don't need public ip as I want to keep both private, however when I create VMSS keep creating load balancer with public ip which is reachable from internet. I am able to create Loadbalancer with private ip as stand alone for vm. did I miss something as I am new to azure. I want for private application.



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There is a difference between an internal LB and an external LB. You can create both from the marketplace inside the Azure portal. The main difference is the public LB allows you to assign a public address to the front end and route to a pool of private IP's or services. The internal LB has an internal address on the front end and has the same capability to route to IP's or services on the back end. I would suggest reviewing the following link to see if you run into any other limitations.





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