Who invited guests? (O365)

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Hi everyone!


I'm looking for a simple way to list all guest users in my tenant. I would also like to include two more properties. Here is where I'm stuck and could need some help :)


  • The Account/UPN who invited the guest
  • The Department of the above Account/UPN ^

This is what I came up with for listing the guest users. What would be an easy way to include to above properties?




Get-AzureADUser |where {$_.UserType -eq 'Guest'} |Select DisplayName, AccountEnabled, mail, CreationType, UserState |FT 




In the Azure AAD portal under Audit Logs we are able to view a part of this info (the field is called Initiated By)...however there is no way to add the Department-property in that UI report. Powershell  to the rescue then? :)


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I like to know this as well. We need to track who invited a guest user to tie the guest user to a person who is responsible for the guest and help him with problems an questions, so that guest users don´t hesitate the IT-Support staff.