Which route to add in following peering scenario for traffic forwarding ?

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I am trying a scenario as per the diagram where ABC Azure network are peered in a chain & VM-A is trying to communicate with VM-C. "Allow forwarded traffic" is enabled for all peering's. A is not directly peered with C. Will a traffic transit work over B with custom route here or is A-C direct peering the way to go. 




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Hi Shivam,


Not sure if you'll still need an answer to this one, but traffic between subnet A and C will not be able to be routed via B to reach each other. See also: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-network/virtual-network-manage-peering#requirements-a...


A peering is established between two virtual networks. Peerings are not transitive. If you create peerings between:

  • VirtualNetwork1 & VirtualNetwork2
  • VirtualNetwork2 & VirtualNetwork3

There is no peering between VirtualNetwork1 and VirtualNetwork3 through VirtualNetwork2. If you want to create a virtual network peering between VirtualNetwork1 and VirtualNetwork3, you have to create a peering between VirtualNetwork1 and VirtualNetwork3.