Which Azure technology for batch routine?

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I am having trouble figuring out whether there is an Azure workflow technology that will suit my requirements, or whether I have to go the code route.


What I am trying to achieve is to combine 3 tables, A, B and C (was looking at Azure Table storage, but am flexible), call a webservice with each row in turn, and post the responses back to table C. This will be a nightly batch process.


I have looked at Logic Apps but struggling a bit, so before banging my head on a brick wall for too long I thought I would ask the high level question of whether Logic Apps is the correct technology or whether there is a better azure answer somewhere?

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Hello @jsefton - I would have approached your requirements in a similar way by seeing if I could achieve it with logic apps. You can, but I agree there is a learning curve.


You might find that DataFactory is a better fit:




Of course, as an appdev; I would drop down to Azure Functions as a final resort. There might be some factors making the extract and load more difficult using Logic Apps.


The benefit of persevering with Logic Apps is once you have it you can extend it easily. You might find that a combination of Azure Functions and Logic Apps might give you the flexibility you need while giving you the development.