Which API is the "Web API"?

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Our web application will be used by organizations that are typically using Dynamics.  So, my goal is to allow an external web application to do CRUD actions in the Dataverse.  I'm trying to get my head wrapped around all the different names for what I think is the same thing.  Can someone tell me if all of these are really just the same thing?



Dynamics Web API

Common Data Service API

Datavers Web API


I think that they are, and I think if I give an Azure registered app permissions for "Dynamics CRM > user_impersonation", that should allow my external web service to do CRUD actions against any entity / table within the CDS/Dynamics/Dataverse, right?

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The term API refers to "application programming interface". The ASP.NET Web API is the foundation for building a web application interface, that is, an HTTP-based service, over the .NET Framework. The most common use of web APIs is for building peaceful services.