Where does "Name" data come from on the Tenant front page?

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The "Name" field of different of out customer tenants vary. Sometimes the customer name is displayed and sometimes the primary domain name is displayed. Where does "Name" data come from? Is there a powershell command to read out the data that is displayed here. It is quite strange that some customers tenant name is displayed as primary domain name. I need to be able to pull a list of all the tenant names in order to use the GDAP tool, so my goal is not to change the name, but to know what they are set to across out customers... and retrieve a list of these. I have tried the following commands, but they all show the displayname:


# Azure AD at the Azure portal

Name:  **somename.onmicrosoft.com**

Primær domain: somename.onmicrosoft.com


# Get-PartnerCustomer

CustomerId            : d6d93f54-b04b-4f94-b9a3-a1a2d83273eb

Domain                : somename.onmicrosoft.com

Name                  : somename


# WIndows Graph Explorer (similar data with MS Graph)


                          "odata.type": "Microsoft.DirectoryServices.Contract",

                          "objectType": "Contract",

                          "objectId": "288445b4-a509-4d57-b0dc-c9c23a18c6e2",

                          "deletionTimestamp": null,

                          "contractType": "3",

                          "customerContextId": "d6d93f93-b04b-4f94-b9a3-a1a2d83273eb",

                          "defaultDomainName": "somename.onmicrosoft.com",

                          "displayName": "somename"



# Get-AzureADTenantDetail  logget på kunde


ObjectId: d6d93f94-b04b-4f94-b9a3-a1a2d93273eb

DisplayName: somename

VerifiedDomain: somename.dk

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47 views and no replys? Are there no MS employees in here who can help? 




I found out that the "Name" could be set to anything and needs not correspond to either the customer name og the donain name. The problem was that the Customer names included illigal characters and too many characters, which was also mentioned in the GDAP guide. We cleaned the names and Wupti.. all is good.