Where can we find the "SUBDOMAIN"(SUBDOMAIN={YOUR_SUBDOMAIN}" ) when follow this guide?

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Trying to follow this guide, but not sure what SUBDOMAIN domain really is.





Please help and thank you in advance.

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@davisx When you created the Immersive reader resource, you created a Name that creates a subdomain (endpoint) for the resource. Use this as the subdomain in your code. (See attached image). You will find it as the Resource name or the first part of the endpoint e.g. {subdomain}.cognitiveservices.azure.com/

ok, we can use just put mySubdomain(as SUBDOMAIN=mySubdomain ), correct ?
if your endpoint is mySubdomain.cognitiveservices.azure.com yes.
Please also check my
Correct , since it gives me error as:
"Error in getting the Immersive Reader token and subdomain. Check the console."


@davisx Did you follow all the prerequisites (copying the steps for reference)?


  • Azure subscription - Create one for free
  • An Immersive Reader resource configured for Azure Active Directory authentication. Follow these instructions to get set up. You will need some of the values created here when configuring the environment properties. Save the output of your session into a text file for future reference.
  • Node.js and Yarn
  • An IDE such as Visual Studio Code

If you followed the instructions on step two (Create an Immersive Reader Resource - Azure Applied AI Services | Microsoft Learn) you should have saved the output, which includes that value as the guide clearly states. If you didn't that is ok, go to the Azure portal and your subscription, find the Immersive reader resource created in that step and copy the value from the top. Image below for reference:Screenshot 2022-10-28 134815.png