When will Azure MariaDB support Azure AD Authentication?

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What is the plan for MS to add Azure AD Authentication for MariaDB, same as is supported for Azure MySQL?

I do not see this in the roadmap, but I'm shocked since MS is a MariaDB sponsor and MySQL is unavailable to deploy in many Regions.

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@askpatrickw. As you mentioned, Azure AD Authentication is available for Azure MySQL, but not yet for MariaDB. Since I cannot provide you with the most up-to-date information, I recommend checking the Azure updates page ( and the Azure Database for MariaDB documentation ( for the latest information on this topic. Additionally, you can provide feedback and feature requests through the Azure Feedback Forum ( This platform allows users to submit their suggestions and vote on ideas, which can influence Microsoft's priorities and roadmap. Lastly, consider reaching out to Azure Support ( or the Azure community forums ( for more information about current or upcoming features.
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Hi @askpatrickw
Apologies for the confusion earlier. I understand now that you were referring to a different feature request.
To submit or upvote a feature request related to Azure AD Authentication support for Azure Database for MariaDB, you can visit the Azure feedback forum ( and either search for an existing request or create a new one if you can't find one related to your topic.

Creating or upvoting a feature request on the Azure feedback forum will help bring attention to the issue and show Microsoft the demand for this feature. Microsoft reviews customer feedback and often uses it to prioritize improvements and new features for their products and services.

Again, I apologize for the confusion earlier. I hope this information is helpful, and I encourage you to participate in the Azure feedback forum to voice your support for Azure AD Authentication in Azure Database for MariaDB.
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