What’s brewing in Visual Studio Team Services: May 2017 Digest

Community Manager

This month brings a bunch of new capabilities toward realizing the goal of lowering the barrier to entry for automating your application deployment with Visual Studio Team Services. We have significantly expanded the breadth of app type we support:


  • We now support using the automation agent on the VMs to which you deploy and using it to drive your application deployment. This has easily been our most requested feature for Release Management and we’re excited for it go live.
  • We continue to give more and more focus to containers. This sprint, we introduce native support for Kubernetes and Service Fabric, the latter being a great option for Windows containers.
  • We already have great support for deploying to Azure Web Apps, but we’ve expanded the app types we support with our native task to include Node, PHP, and Linux Web Apps with containers. We’ve also expanded the entry point for setting up CI/CD with more options in the Azure portal configuration UI and introduced the ability to set up CI/CD for Azure Web Apps from the AZ CLI.



Read about it on the Azure blog.

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