What is the price if we want to host a long running azure function which runs on daily bases

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i want to develop an azure function which run daily. The azure function will get all the item from about  10 large SharePoint lists using PnP core with pagination, and filter, group and sort the SharePoint lists to populate SharePoint reporting lists. 
The azure function execution time will depend on the data size , as the azure function will query all the data from the 10 SharePoint lists. i assume its comsumption in near future can be around 1.5 hour daily.

now if we deploy the azure function under the consumption plan we can only run the azure function for 10 minutes which will not be enough

so what will be the price for other alternatives plans? i know that we can use dedicated plan or premium plan, not sure which one work better? and what will be the approximate price for such plans?

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@Kidd_Ip thanks for the reply, i already read those articles, but i could not find an answer to my question, i need a approximate price for my scenario ? like a range of prices for an azure function which will run daily for 1.5 hours? Thanks

Scenario: You need to run an Azure Function daily to process data from 10 large SharePoint lists. The execution time depends on data size, potentially up to 1.5 hours daily.

Issue with Consumption Plan: The 10-minute execution limit of the Consumption Plan is insufficient for your needs.


Dedicated (App Service) Plan: Provides more control over resources allocated to the function, suitable for longer execution durations.
Premium Plan: Offers longer execution times (up to 60 minutes, extendable to 120 minutes), enhanced scaling, and additional features like VNET integration.
Cost Considerations:

Dedicated Plan: Pay for underlying compute resources on a per-hour basis, suitable for predictable workload patterns.
Premium Plan: Pay based on allocated vCPUs, memory, and additional features, offering flexibility and scalability.
Estimation: Use the Azure Pricing Calculator to estimate costs based on specific requirements, considering factors like execution frequency, duration, and additional features.

Decision: Choose between Dedicated and Premium Plans based on workload predictability, flexibility needs, and budget constraints.