What is the Best Way to Achieve Azure Certification 70-532

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Hi Admin / All,


We is the best way to Achieve Azure Certification 70-532. I already taken the course of MVA on associate exam preparation.


Need further suggestion to all of you. Thanks in advanced!!!







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To add up, read also the Official Azure documentation:

Good luck!

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Hello Sudib,


Good to see you interested in Developing Azure Solutions!


I believe the best way to start is with Mike`s post on th Tools to advance your Career with Azure. The Training and Certifications page on is always a good resource as well. Also the 70-532 Certification page has some interesting resources for you to prepare for the exam.


I hope that helps, and don`t forget to follow @MSLearning on Twitter as well :) 


@Liberty Munson, Let us know if there are other cool resources out there!


I have reached out to our courseware and press leads for any additional insights, but this looks like a good list!



You can use following free courses from Azure + Plurelsight


It includes developer content & IT pro content that require to pass the exam



Thank you so much Sir for all the information you have shared. It helps a lot.

Always a pleasure, @Mr. Sudip Chatterjee. Let us know how the exam goes :)


Looking forward to see you sharing the learning with our community later.



Hi @Mr. Sudip Chatterjee , Please share your experience if you have complete this certification. Also, share how did you prepare for this exam. Study source ?


Thanks in advance.

Ya, sure. I have exam september 1st week. Once completed , I will share my experience

I'm also planning to do the 70-532 Certificate. I've found a blog which was written by the one who already completed it. He shared some cool links and tips to prepare for the exam.


Another thing is like Microsoft will update the syllabus for the exam on a quarterly basis. You can find the details here


As of today(07/04/2018), the recent updates were done on March 22, 2018.I've attached the PDF with the latest changes here. Be sure to cover all the topics.


Also, I'm planning to do it Exam Replay+Practice Test. (which you'd get a practice test along with an exam and a double retake bundle, and boost your exam-day confidence) You can refer here about the offers


Happy learning!