What is the best approach for changing State values in Azure dev ops work items

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Hi there! I am looking to update the State drop down values for an existing work item that is widely used in my project. My team is the sole user of the process, so it should not impact other projects in the organization. However, I had some questions about this process as the existing State values are referenced in several rules, queries, and dashboards.


Some questions below:


  • The States in my work item are not inherited, but I am not able to rename or hide them. Does this mean that the only option is to delete them and create the new options? 
  • My work item has rules that reference existing State drop down values. How would they be impacted if I deleted those States and added new ones? If I have to re-create the rules, would it impact existing work items that do not follow my new rules (as they would reference new State values)? 
  • Would all my existing queries / dashboards break if I delete the existing state drop down values?


Thanks in advance - would appreciate your help as I want to ensure I'm following the right steps!

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I recommend trying the Time in State for Azure DevOps extension to calculate how long each Work Item has been in a particular state https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=SaaSJet.tis-azure .

Reports are generated automatically; there is an extensive data filtering system and visualization in the form of charts.

I hope it will be helpful to you!