What is pros and cons of CycleCloud vs Azure Batch when it comes to HPC?

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Hi everyone,

As you know there are some different ways to run a HPC on Azure.

Azure Batch and CycleCloud are 2 good option.


But what makes them different from each other? 

To put it another way, what's better and when it's better?

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Hi @Khoi Thinh - does this image help?

CycleCloud creates HPC clusters that have third party industry standard schedulers included (E.g. Slurm or LSF cluster).  It’s mostly aimed at traditional Linux HPC admins. Batch is mostly aimed at developers, folks building a capability into their own product or service, and it includes its own scheduler to run jobs. Both Batch and CycleCloud create sets of VMs to run your application, but use different schedulers and interfaces.