What is Microsoft Azure Backup backing up when nothing has changed?

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We have been using the backup agent (MARS) to back up some on premise files to Azure. Last week I noticed that, for one drive, it said that it transferred the exact same amount of data to Azure every day. I thought that was curious so I checked and the only two people who ever use that drive were both on vacation last week so I don't think anything changed.


My understanding is that the incremental backups only transfer data when something has changed. Does it maybe always transfer some information anyway - perhaps information about the restore point? Or is there a way to tell what Azure Backup thinks has changed?

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How much is the change that is reported as changed? If it is greater than few bytes, I would suspect a defrag or something might have been triggered on that machine. 

When I know no-one has done anything it is almost always 3.59 MB but every once in a while it will be 251KB.


It has been doing this since I started backing up those folders 4 months ago so I don't think it is an issue. I suspect that whatever it is doing is happening on other folders as well but their contents change every day so I have no way to tell. I just find it curious.