what is Add Managed Disks in Azure Pricing calculator portal?

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Hi, You have the option to use unmanaged or managed disks with your VM. When creating a VM and choose unmanaged, you will need to provide your own storage account to store the disks (including the OS-disk). So when calculating the costs for such a VM, you will need to add a separate item for storage to the list. When you create a VM with managed disks, you don't need to have a storage account. MS will take care of that and 'manage' where the disk will be stored. These disks have different costs, so also a different option in the calculator. For more info on managed disks: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/managed-disks/ gr, Erik
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Using Managed Disks is also, a very good practice:

storage disks.png

Erick, question because you say Microsoft will manage it, but its important to consider that when we use a Image from the Marketplace it already have an established OS disk size. So the question is, if we add an OS disk in the calculator for a VM Size that is different from the marketplace size, we will need to create our own image to establish the size, right?