What happened to my GitVersion pipeline task?

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All of a sudden this afternoon my pipelines are failing due to GitVersion no longer being installed and not being an available task to install.  Anyone know why this happened?

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You check your permissions first to see if anything has been changed.
You can connect to a Git repository only if you have a valid Premium license. If your license expires or you change a license without Git integration, you will no longer be able to connect to the Git repository. This also applies to trial licenses.

Somehow there's a breaking change.

Replace your GitVersion task with these two:



- task: gitversion/setup@0
    versionSpec: '5.x'
    preferLatestVersion: true

- task: gitversion/execute@0
    additionalArguments: '/updateassemblyinfo "src/Solution Items/SharedAssemblyInfo.cs"'



We had to use additionalArguments because the task's GUI parameter doesn't seem to like the space in our path.

This bug applies to Marketplace extension GitTools:

Extension details: Build tasks for easy semantic versioning for projects using Git and release management.
Publisher: GitTools
Installed version: (Latest)
Last updated: Feb 7, 2024 at 7:46 AM EST


I put in the fix Saturday morning.  Apparently Microsoft removed deprecated tasks without regard to whether people were using them.

@mluhring Hi!, please can you tell me, how do you fix the pipeline in Azure DevOps?

See the reply from Martin_Dufresne
ooops...thanks a lot!!
Check for Updates: Ensure that you're using the latest version of GitVersion and that your Azure DevOps environment is up to date. Review Configuration: Double-check your pipeline configuration to make sure that the GitVersion task is correctly set up.

@mluhring Ha! They say in their update that deprecated tasks should be available again but the GitVersion task is still marked as "unpublished" and not available. 

Does anyone else actually have the task available? 


See the response from Martin_Dufresne above.  you need to update how you use GitVersion.

@mluhring Thanks - I did read the entire thread, and that's what we've done. 


HOWEVER...that's NOT the solution, that's only a workaround. Microsoft have admitted that their mistake removed deprecated tasks from the marketplace, and say that they've "fixed the problem". Yet this task (and others, apparently) are NOT back in the marketplace. 


So it's not fixed, and I'd like to know if it's just on our instance of DevOps, or if others are seeing the same problem still as well. I'd also like to hear from Microsoft on when they expect to have it *actually* fixed. 

The reason that the workaround is not a permanent solution is simple: There are breaking changes in the new tasks, when their behavior is compared to the old one. One example is that when running GitVersion in the old task to update assemblyinfo files, if there *are* no assembly files to update, the task completes successfully. In the new GitVersion/Execute task, the same scenario is reported as a failure. 

I'm responsible for a fairly large number of build pipelines and if the old task is not restored, I'm faced with days of work to get my pipelines up and running again - that's work I had not planned on and it's work that is stopping me from doing what I'm *meant* to be doing, which is adding value to my customers.