What are the services in Office365 that are allowed via ExpressRoute using MS Peering?

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Please updates on the list of Office365 services that uses MS Peering channel in ExpressRoute?


My understanding so far, Skype for business uses MS Peering to provide Quality of Service (QoS)


Kindly enlighten my knowledge.


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Hi@Admin O365 


Microsoft peering

Office 365
Dynamics 365
Power BI - Available via an Azure Regional Community, see here for how to find out the region of your Power BI tenant.
Azure Active Directory
Azure DevOps (Azure Global Services community)
Most of the Azure services are supported. 


The following services are NOT supported:
Azure Front Door
Multi-factor Authentication
Traffic Manager


It is supported but Qos traffic is a bit tricky so I would recommend you to read this please.




Thank you