VSCode Terminal and Bicep Error messages. - No Formatting, any tips?

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Hey all, 

All Bicep developers have been there when you do your --what-if check prior to deployment, get all green and the proceed to deploy and then you end up with a red wall of text saying what you've done something wrong.   

If you are deploying via Terminal typically, the red wall of text that comes out of a "status: failed error" is pretty **bleep** horrible and in most cases I need to copy it out and paste it elsewhere just so I can read what the hell I did wrong. 


I was wondering if anyone has any lesser known extension, which will format the error quickly and make it easier to read through and diagnose.  It seems so silly that we have to suffer with something so unreadable and the error even has /r /n formatting commands built in it.  It's trying to be useful, it just isn't. 

I attach a censored example of the "red wall of error hell" whenever a deployment fails, surely we can't all be suffering?  Someone must be handling this better than I am?

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Usually I just go to the portal and review the deployment status. This will give a much better overview of what has been deployed, what the error was and you can even see the inputs and arm code. But you are right, it would be good to get well formated outputs.