VPN in Azure Windows Virtual Desktop two different geo environments

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Dear All,


I have created a lab on Azure to test WVD and have IPSEC VPN connected to my on-premises Lab as the following:

on Azure There is 

1- DC02 | VirtualNetwork: (VNET01) Location: (East US)

2- WVD Master VM | VirtualNetwork: (VNET01) Location: (East US)

3- FSLogix Server |  VirtualNetwork: (VNET02) Location: (East US 2)


Due to Azure limitation on cores and CPUs on the same site I had to create FSLogix on a different site and setup Peering between both VNETs which worked fine, however from VNET2 to my On-prem network it didn't work. I tried the gateway transit option but that didn't work either. 


I tried adding the subnet on my on-premises IPSEC Firewall but didn't work too. 


What kind of solution is possible to get both networks and get access on my On-premises network? I know I can open a case with MS to expand my usage of resources on the same site but I would like to know if connecting both VNETs to the same VPN is possible or not?


Thank you

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Sign in to the Azure portal.

In Search resources, service, and docs (G+/), type virtual network.

Locate Virtual Network resource page

Select Virtual Network from the Marketplace results.

Select virtual network

On the Virtual Network page, select Create.

virtual network page

Once you select Create, the Create virtual network page opens.

On the Basics tab, configure Project details and Instance details VNet settings.

Basics tab When you fill in the fields, you see a green check mark when the characters you enter in the field are validated. Some values are autofilled, which you can replace with your own values:

Subscription: Verify that the subscription listed is the correct one. You can change subscriptions by using the drop-down.
Resource group: Select an existing resource group, or click Create new to create a new one. For more information about resource groups, see Azure Resource Manager overview.
Name: Enter the name for your virtual network.
Region: Select the location for your VNet. The location determines where the resources that you deploy to this VNet will live.
On the IP Addresses tab, configure the values. The values shown in the examples below are for demonstration purposes. Adjust these values according to the settings that you require.