Virtual Machine Sizing Plan not available in VM Size menu

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Hi Everyone,


Need quick suggestions on why we are not able to find Standard_A2_v2 plan which according to MS website is available in the hosted region where our customers virtual machine is available ...


a2 v2 autralia southeast.JPG

when we are on actual Azure Portal we do not see this Sizing plan listed as an option in provided region.

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There can be different reasons for that:

- Do you want to resize a machine? Then may you have used more resources (e.g. disks) than supported on A2

- Do you have a special subscription (Azure Pass, MSDN etc)? Then different limitations apply.

- Do you want to create a new machine? Then you should see at least a grayed out symbol if you select to see all sizing options, and not only the recommended ones.


Can you give more details?