Video Playback on Azure B2Ms Server is chopping?

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Built up a Windows 2016 Web Server in Azure. Using the B2Ms server template. Dropped a 40MB file on the server and the video playback is chopping. CPU and memory utilization on that server is very low even during the playback.  On Premise servers with 2CPUs and 8GB of ram is plenty for video playback. Any reason why the same is not true in Azure.  Note, our on-premise server still uses SATA drives compared to the the B2Ms that uses SSD.  



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I think you may running into throughput and IOPS limits with that size of VM. For that size the limit for IOPS is 1600 and throughput is 15 MBps. If you are using an attached disk that may higher. It would be helpful if you could attach some of the performance charts from the overview page. Another option to help diagnose the issue would be to run the performance diagnostics from the support and troubleshooting blade.


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Thanks for your response. My only question if that were the case, is that we are literally just developing the site right now and the only one's running the video. I would think a 1080P video could be handled by a low end user as we have selected. If we were live and had hundreds of users hitting the server, I would agree.   Still a bit fresh when it comes to Azure but we have servers that are 6 years old on premise that could handle that. 


As requested I am including the charts screen from the overview.  Pulled for the past 7 days as again, not much activity is on that box at the moment.