Using new YAML pipelines to do release like the old pipelines did

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I am trying to get YAML pipelines to do what I need but I cannot get my head around this:


Using the old pipelines you can build using one pipeline, then have a release pipeline run thru different stages using that build output. I commonly used this to build something, then release it to the TEST environment (using a test stage). After the user tests are ok, I re-ran the same release pipeline but executed the PROD stage instead. This used the same build as the last time.


All examples both builds and publishes in the same pipeline, but this will build and publish the latest version all the time, and that is not what I am looking for.


There is the PublishPipelineArtifact task and the DownloadBuildArtifacts but these either publishes within the same pipeline, or gets the latest verion.


I know that my scenario is possible and supported, but I just can't make it work. is there anyone out there can can supply me with code/links/clips/hints? I would be very grateful.


Lastly: Am I going about this the wrong way? Am I trying to solve something that really isn't a problem?

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