Using modern data sources in Azure Analysis Services

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Just weeks after reaching general availability (GA) with Azure Analysis Services, we are super excited to make Tabular 1400 models available in public preview. Although Tabular 1400 is still a preview feature, it is nevertheless exciting because cloud solutions can now begin to take advantage of all the great features that Analysis Services supports at the 1400 compatibility level, including Detail Rows, Object Level Security, and the modern Get Data experience. For a comprehensive summary, see the post on 1400 Compatibility Level in Azure Analysis Services.


As far as the modern Get Data experience is concerned, note that there are still some limitations because SQL Server Data Tools for Analysis Services Tabular (SSDT Tabular) as well as some cloud infrastructure component, specifically the on-premises gateway, are not quite ready yet. With every monthly release, SSDT Tabular closes more feature gaps and supports more data sources, but the work is far from complete. The cloud infrastructure components to access modern on-premises data sources are also still in the final stages of testing.




Read more about it on the Azure blog.

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