Using DevOps for PowerApps

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Hello everyone,


I'm totally new to DevOps and want to use this for my PowerApps deployment.

The plan or situation is :

- I have a PowerApps environment, develop my app here. 

- I will need to deploy my app, and every time it is changing, to other environment, which can be over time, a new environment, and these target environment can also serve as Test or QA or Production environment with some has more than 1.

- This basically what I need DevOps to handle.

- One caveat, for those who are in PowerApp's world knows this, there is a "scheme" called Managed and Unmanaged. Unmanaged is just our customization, where we have the source code, whereby the Managed is like an encrypt or third-party thing which is don't have a source code. And my customization is depend on this "Managed" solution (we called this "managed/unmanaged" by the word "Solution)


DevOps, as far as I'm understanding (I'm new, so obviously not far understand), is deal with -> take the source code - put in Repos - then deploy. So I want to know how to deal with those "managed" that we do not own the source code, but I do have the zip file of this "solution", in my local drive. 


The idea how to deal with it, is by put that zip file in DevOps's artifact, together when create Build pipeline, when it is pull my customization and put it in Repos. And during deploy to a new environment it will installed/import that zip file (or probably need to extract its contain) first before my customization. At least this is the idea, but unfortunately I have no idea how to make it.


May I be suggested some resources (blog/youtube, etc) that describe clearly step by step of the making ? Or even better, someone here can guide me how to do so.


I have browse / googling and found a few of this Power Apps Dev ALM using DevOps but normally it is only cover their customization, which is plainly get their customization - put in Repos - then deploy. 


Thanks in advance,



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