Using Backup server to backup Hyper-V VMs to Azure



I just installed a backup server (downloaded package from Azure Portal). 


Backup server has been successfully installed as a VM on an HyperV host. I'm able to see all the other VMs as well and can proceed with the backup of SQL databases, files, folders, etc...


However, I do not have the option to backup an entire HyperV VM as it is the case in the screeshot below.



Am i missing something here ? Is there any additional config that must be done??



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did you manage to resolve this ?

perhaps you could go into a bit more detail as to what steps you have taken ?

The agent you have installed is for file and SQL backup, in the recovery services you have to option to inform it you wish to backup Hyper-V VM's, this requires another installation to intergrate you hyper-v host with recovery services.