Using ASR across multiple subscriptions

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My Recovery Services Vault is setup on our primary EA subscription, but I would like to replicate some VMs into our MSDN subscription for test/dev purposes. I want to avoid creating a separate configuration server  on premise or even a seperate Recovery services vault. Is this possible?

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Hi Eric and welcome!


Apologies for the late reply on this. Are you still looking for an answer?


I'm not an expert, but this documentation may help:

Hi Eric,


I know you can do this with Hyper-V and VMM if you consider the environment has a multi-tenant one.

Jeff Graves explains how in this blog:


Unfortunately, I haven't found any information or seen it done myself with VMWare without the use of a separate configuration server/process server.


That being said, you will always need to create a separate recovery vault in each of the subscription has these cannot span across multiple ones.