Uploading test case from.csv file to Azure

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Hello Team,

 I  have tried uploading test cases from.csv file to Aure devops ,just to keep the uploading form I have downloaded test case from Azure itseld and added few test case and uploaded on Azure using upload option. But it shows message 0 Test cases are uploaded or 0 test cases are updated .

I have google it and find out the through TFS addin too we can upload ,but it requires license of visual studio..

Kindly suggest have uploaded my template format tooUploadTemplate.png

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Hi @vrushaligaikwad,
I had the same issue and after some digging, I found that the ID should not be manually updated by the user but, left BLANK. Azure Devops will assign an autogenerated ID to the test case.
Solution: I removed all the ID's and left that column blank. I then re-imported the csv file and Bobs your uncle, they imported with no issues.
It might be a year too late as I am sure you have figured it out by now but anyways, just in case.
Here is a reference that helped me solve this problem. https://www.ecanarys.com/Blogs/ArticleID/415/Bulk-Export-Import-Test-Cases-to-Azure-DevOps-Test-Plan...
Good Luck!